The Solution:

We built the first one-stop
system seamlessly uniting

hardware, software
and data analysis,
independent of existing
data networks. Ready to go.

We make smart simple.

We build and connect core innovations

We build our own
Smart sensor hardware for infrastructure
We build our own hardware that can monitor every part of industrial infrastructure from water pipelines to traffic density, from full crop silos on a farm to the position of a fuel truck.

We provide our own
Long-distance low-energy communication networks
We bring connectivity to harsh or remote territories by providing our own communication network independent of third party networks and Telcos. We send data on our own long-distance and low energy networks.

We develop our own
Cutting-edge software to monitor in real-time
Our software analyzes and interprets the monitored data in real time allowing it to display and recommend actions needed for most efficient operations.

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